Estimates and What it All Means:

Getting estimates for your vehicle can be very confusing.  Sure, they are free and any body shop will be happy to give you one but how well will they explain it to you?  Did they tell you that estimates are just that, estimates, not firm bids or final cost of repairs?  The fact is, most estimates have something called supplements added to them.  At the end of the repair, supplements are items added to the original estimate due to things like parts price differences, unforeseen or additional damages that are found after your vehicle has been disassembled, that need repair as well.  Other very common things that can change the price of an estimate or the final repair cost, are the repair verses replace and types of parts used.  Part types can very from:

*O.E (original equipment) These parts are new from the dealer

*L.K.Q (Like Kind & Quality or Used) These parts are also OE but are recycled from an auto parts recycler 

*Aftermarket: These parts are new but made by some other manufacturer than the dealer. 

Another difference on an estimate that can effect the cost of the repair is labor rate.  This is a per hour dollar amount.  These rates also change on the different labor operations such as Body, Refinishing, Frame, Mechanical & Detailing.

Getting an estimate for an insurance company?  If you are getting an estimate and your insurance company has requested you go to a specific repair facility, it is likely that all of the above mentioned factors are already in place in accordance with that particular company.  Most people do not realize when you purchase an insurance policy, the repair guidelines for your vehicle, should you get into an accident, are already set.  It is best to check with your insurance agent and/or company prior to an accident so that you are aware of these guidelines on your policy.

Now that you know a little more about estimates, you can see why choosing a repair facility based solely on the estimate may not always be the best choice.  Here at Auto Enhancers, Inc., we want you to feel completely informed and comfortable with your repair process from getting the estimate to picking up your repaired, freshly detailed vehicle.