Mechanical Repair,

Working Together for the BEST Repair! YOU, US, and THEM


During the repair of your vehicle, we work with your insurance company, not for them. Ultimately, you are our customer and we want you to be completely satisfied with the work performed and the time frame in which your vehicle is repaired. However, most insurance companies have specific guidelines for the repairs of a vehicle based on their company policies, not ours!

Here at Auto Enhancers, Inc., we will make every effort to give you the absolute best repairs and service available. We hope if you have any questions regarding the repair, type of parts used, labor rates, time frame, paint usage or any other concerns, that you would bring it to our attention. We, above all, want you to be satisfied with the repairs and services that you receive and the time frame in which you receive them. We certainly hope you choose Auto Enhancers, Inc. to perform the repairs on your vehicle and you can rest assured we will make experience a great one!

Thank you,

Ken Tomlinson, Owner